Tiffany & Co Paper Flowers Collection Launch, Shanghai, China by Bureau Betak

How the Current State of Design is Simply a Digitally Updated Status Quo

For all of the progress proclaimed by evangelists, little has changed from the previous century for design today. Designers still are overwhelmingly white with most executive positions continuing to be occupied by the 36% minority of men within the industry. This demographic truth, however, reflects a more urgent issue that manifests itself in structures that reify its status quo.

With design becoming one of the most visible professions in the United States, who qualifies to enter its gates is of serious inquiry amidst the deepening socioeconomic divide between Americans. …

Design from Adelia Lim’s Promotional (Mis)information collection.

Good design involves little actual designing and more engagement with a subject than anything else.

Think for example Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign campaign logo. A simple letter H with an arrow through it.

Darin Buzon

working with letters,

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